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I had a leak around a vent pipe for months. Daniel fixed the leak and also checked the other vent pipe and did some maintenance on it. All for less than I was expecting to pay. So glad I called him

Bret H


Daniel was easy to communicate with and he is honest and does great work. He had many customers to take care of during a very rainy winter. He still came out and took time to evaluate my roof problem. I knew it wasn't an emergency and told him to fix only when it wouldn't take him away from people who really needed emergency help. He kept contact letting me know how his schedule was going. When he came out he did a great job. Would definitely hire again if I ever have any issues or just recommend.

Daniel F


Had a leak at my parent's house that I could not locate the source. They came out when they said they would and found it and fixed it in about an hour and a half and didn't charge an arm and a leg.

Jeremiah M


I referred Moore's to my boss for a roof repair and they were very happy with the results.

Eric F


Best in the bussiness

Travis B


This is a great man that run an honest business!

Maranda C


Very professionals don't miss them if you need

Joseph K


Daniel is great. Honest and hardworking and reasonable. A few months after we moved into our new home in a new place where we knew no one, our roof started leaking after a hard rain. I called out two people, Daniel and a competitor to check it out. He got up on the roof diagnosed the problem and won over my business. The other guys just looked up from the ground and gave me an outrageous quote without even getting up on the roof and checking it out. He knows his stuff and we haven't had a problem since. I will definitely be calling him again if and when I need more repairs!

Alissa H


Our roof has leaked since a local company put our original roof on over 7 years ago. It's been one nightmare after another with no shows and partial repairs that didn't work. Daniel came out after I called him and told us he could fix our leaks. He stayed in touch and came out when he said he would. They stayed with it until they finished. They left no mess and no damage to the property. The only thing that makes me wonder is, it hasn't rained again since they left. How'd they do that?

John L


All around great guy. Honest and hardworking.

Charlie S


Responded fast, does the job right and until it's complete. Kept in touch to make sure I was satisfied. Very friendly, courteous and knowledgeable!

Ally H


Quick, efficient, polite, professional and overall good quality.

Joe F.


They are good roofers that stand behind their work. I would recommend them.

Kenny S.


High quality product and fantastic.

Jim C.


I had a window leak at the top of the frame inside our house for close to three months. It was due to the roof leaking, but where or what was causing it, I didn't know. I had roofers come out and tell me it was the gutters. I had gutter specialists come out telling me it was my roof. I even paid a substantial amount of money for a less than stellar flashing job on my gutters from a well known gutter company in the area. Nothing changed.

The window continued to leak at the top. At the end of my rope with a 20 foot tarp on my roof, I reached out to Moore. Got their voicemail and left a call for help. Within 20 minutes I had a call back.

They were willing to assist and provide insight as to what the problem would be. They came out on the first dry day and sealed up some areas on the roof. Later that day, they called me back. Detailing that the drip edge was not sitting well with them, and they wanted to come out and fix that free of charge over our problem area. I offered to pay them to install the drip edge over the entire back of the house.

We agreed on a very reasonable price, and they came out on a Saturday to complete the work.

It's Sunday and it's pouring rain here. The house? Dry.

We used to see rain pour down underneath the gutters onto the siding of the house. No more. The leak in the window that no one could solve? Moore handled with ease.

This company is fair, honest and the best people I've come across in all my dealings with roofers and gutter installers these last three months. They came out, and fixed the problem.

I plan to give them my business again for the front of our house just to play it safe. I'll be sure to pay them accordingly as they deserve the best. Five stars does not begin to do these two justice. I would give them 20 stars if I could.

Want something done right? Call these two. I PROMISE you won't regret it.

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